Who are we?

 We are a family run business based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We believe that CBD in all its glory has the potential to change lives for the better, whether that be through helping overcome drug addiction, relieving physical pains and aches caused from conditions such as Arthritis, or providing a sound peace of mind for those of us who suffer from anxiety, depression or similar. 

The battle we are fighting is that when consumers shop for CBD online they can often feel overwhelmed with all of the different product types and then within these product types we have different brands, different strengths of CBD, and even varying levels of the quality of the CBD used to create the products in the first place.

This can often lead to disappointment for customers when they set out an expectation for a CBD product that they have ordered online and then once said product arrives it does not necessarily meet that expectation nor does it provide any of the relief or the benefits that the customer was looking for when making their decision to order.

When this happens, it may give you the wrong idea about CBD all together, when in reality you may have ordered a product that doesn't meet your needs to begin with, or possibly the product should have done the job, but the quality or type of CBD used in the product has prevented it from working to its full potential.

So that is where we come in, we strongly believe and we have experienced for ourselves that CBD can be an extremely powerful health supplement when using high quality, safe CBD products that are being consumed or applied to correctly as intended. 

We have been putting in the ground work since 2018 to source and produce simply the best quality CBD and other cannabinoid products in the country to supply our loyal online customer base and our mission now is to make these same products readily available to our local community in Belfast and beyond.

We love to connect with our customers and having our physical in the heart of East Belfast allows us to provide a personal and tailored service to everyone that comes through our door.

We look forward to hearing from you / seeing you soon.

Thanks for reading! 

William @ CBD Local

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